Wealth Planning

Do you worry if you’ll run out of money in retirement? Do you wonder if you can help your children with their education? Will you have to work until you are 80? What would happen if you die? What would happen if you became disabled? Why is everyone else making money but your account never seems to grow? Do you want to give and grow?

You have hopes; you have dreams; but you want answers. Those answers come from the preparation of a complete and thorough financial plan. It’s a plan designed by you with our help. It’s a plan that will show you how to pursue your hopes & dreams.

The detail provided in the financial plan can look at various scenarios. Retire early. Retire later. Send kids to a public college or a private college. Take Social Security early or take it later. Maybe you want to gift money to your children/grandchildren. Our propriety system can assist you with all of these decisions and many others. Don’t wonder how things will turn out… get answers to these and all of life’s difficult questions.

Your financial plan is combined with an investment plan. You want to match your hopes and dreams to an appropriate investment allocation. Learn how much to keep in retirement accounts. Learn exactly how much to save. Learn how much you need to have invested in stocks, bonds and cash. Learn about the most efficient ways to spend your money and reduce taxes.

Don’t wish for your hopes & dreams. Learn how to make them happen.