2022 Events

Chicago Bears Tailgate Party Soldier Field

Football Season - Sep 2022 thru Dec 2022

Each home game we will have the coolers full and the grills warmed up.  If you are heading to Soldier Field for a Bears game, join us on the Waldron Parking Deck.  Plenty of food & drink.

Roth Conversion Again? - POSTPONED

POSTPONED – LaBarra Oakbrook

Roth Conversion: Should you convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Why not? The Roth is tax-free. The Roth is not subject to Required Minimum Distributions. Pay tax now… then watch your Roth grow and grow… Sounds SIMPLE, right? Of course it’s not. Many different factors make this decision different for everyone. We will be discussing the different parts of the conversion to see if it makes sense for you. We will also have a local CPA on hand to answer some of the tax issues. It’s complicated. It may make sense to do this sooner rather than later. Will send more details as the date gets closer.  Converting from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA is a taxable event.

Chicago Bears Viewing Party – Racoon Lodge Homer Glen

Sunday October 2, 2022

Don’t miss this backyard event at the now infamous Racoon Lodge in Homer Glen!  We will be watching the Bears play the N.Y. Jets at 12-noon kickoff.  Summer is winding down.  Burgers, dogs, brats, gambling and football.  Come join us.  Seating is limited!  More details coming by email.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes! Schedule a review of your tax return

Tue Nov 15 thru Fri Nov 18!

Do you need some tax help?  Paying too much?  Getting a large refund?  Are you self-employed?  Are you eligible for a Traditional or Roth IRA Deposit?  Please make an appointment with us for an individual review of your tax return.  We’d be happy to offer a complimentary review of your tax return.  Have a more complicated situation?  Our Advanced Solutions team in Omaha and/or local CPA can assist with more complicated issues.  Contact our office to schedule your review.